Whether he’s conducting for LeAnn Rimes or a holiday concert combining forces of orchestra, chorus and children’s choir, Albert-George Schram leads concerts with the highest respect for the orchestra and charms audiences with his panache. He is truly one of a kind!

Jonathan Martin
President, Dallas Symphony Orchestra


When I work with George, I know I’m going to enjoy both his tremendous talent as a conductor and his exceptional personality. He “feels” the music and knows how to follow the exact written material while at the same time letting improvisation in when appropriate.

Kenny G

I can’t recall an occasion when the Columbus Symphony has performed the music of Mozart with more skill and expressive sophistication … Schram and the orchestra’s “Prague” had drama and direction, without ever stepping beyond mezzo forte or pushing the tempos. The performance had elegance, wit, deftness, sophistication - it did everything but get up and ask you to dance.

Barbara Zuck
Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch